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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Birding the North Shore - November 7 & 8, 2010

Though the weather was less than cooperative this past weekend, cold & raw on Sunday with rain added on Monday the birds were out and about waiting to be seen.
The Screech Owl above was roosting behind the house on Saturday evening. I had another, a grayer bird, in the box in the yard on Sunday.
It was playing "you can't see me" with the birds in the yard through the day as the next image suggests.
I birded with Steve Grinley & Margo Goetschkes for a good portion of Sunday and they found some fabulous birds. The 1st being this Dickcissel along Old County Rd. in Salisbury.
The 2nd this very late Scarlet Tanager on Sweet Apple Tree Lane also in Salisbury.
I ran into Eric Lobato at Salisbury beach S.R. and he was kind enough to point out this Saw-whet Owl roosting in the pine grove,
I birded Gloucester on Monday in an off and on rain. The Peregrine Falcons wintering in Gloucester were sitting on the City Hall Tower within a few feet of each other, the rain kept the camera in the car but a stop at the State Fish Pier found an adult Lesser Black-backed Gull among the thousands of gulls present. A flyover Bald Eagle which put up all the birds around the harbor was very cool to see despite the heavy rain at the time.