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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cooper's Hawk Plus - Feb. 14, 2011

The young male Cooper's Hawk put in another visit to the yard, this time perching on one of the owl boxes. I had the back door open enjoying the rather balmy 53 degree air, placing the camera & tripod on the deck with the hawk watching with mild interest was no problem as it stayed for another several minutes allowing for a few photos and the brief video below. It left the yard on the tail of a House Sparrow, it didn't appear that the Sparrow was in much danger of being caught.

The young Cooper's Hawk that's been visiting the feeders for the past several months stopped by for another visit this afternoon, perching on one of the Owl boxes and allowing me to put the camera on the deck for this brief video.

A stop in Amesbury at Deer Island found 4 young Bald Eagles foraging in the river with this being the most cooperative of the bunch.

A visit to Hampton Beach earlier in the day found this adult Glaucous Gull hanging around the parking lot.

as well as this Herring Gull with a serious case of bed head..:)