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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Fisher and The Goshawk - June 20, 2011

I stopped by a wood lot that I frequent each year and was surprised to find a Northern Goshawk calling nearby. Further investigation found the Goshawk both screaming at and attacking a Fisher that was most likely sleeping at this time of day.

The Fisher wanted no part of the Goshawk as it flew at it several times. The brief video below shows some of the action.

The Fisher at 4 - 6 lbs far out weighs the 2 lb Goshawk. Both of these were females, the Fisher being on the small side and the Goshawk was just huge. The Fisher wanted no part of the event, running or leaping to other parts of the tree with each attack. I left them after 12 minutes or so to work it out among themselves.

A stop later in the day at Bradley Palmer State Park found a Common Yellowthroat carrying food to it's young.

and an Eastern Kingbird keeping an eye on it's nest as it hunted over the marsh.

and lastly a stop at McDonalds for a late afternoon snack found this Red Squirrel out-working the Ring-billed Gulls for the fries people were sharing.