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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cooper's Hawk and HDR

I had a visit this week by one of the local Cooper's Hawks, this one an after hatch year female (just one year old or a month or so shy).

She stopped in the Trumpet Creeper long enough for these 3 images but heard the shutter on the camera and was off for a quieter hunting location.

but not before giving me the one-eyed stare....

I've been having fun with Photoshop and some HDR (High Dynamic Range) software recently. The following photos are not bird related so if that kind of thing doesn't interest you may want to leave now...:)

We've been remodeling a 4 family built in the early 1900's in Gloucester recently and these 4 shots are of the interior as the carpenters work their way through the project. These are all handheld shots, which were rather dull looking prior to being run through the HDR software.

The old kitchen - soon to be bathroom with Brian hard at work.

The old dining room, looking at the living room.

The old dining room - soon to be kitchen. 

This has led me to look at some of my images in a different light with the following examples of different processing.

The Gloucester City Hall, currently being restored - HDR

and run through the oil paint filter in Photoshop as well as HDR.

and lastly... if you've read this far..... a shot of my backyard or what I call "Hummingbird Haven"


  1. The Cooper's Hawk images are the best raptor images that I've seen in a long while, Phil. Ultra-sharp, beautifully lit, and nicely composed.

    Not sure about the HDR stuff, but it's certainly different! Not met this before, and not sure what it is, but will try to check it out on-line.

  2. Now I understand HDR. Did you use three bracketed exposures, or modifications of a single RAW image, Phil? Did you use it on the Cooper's images? I'm tempted to give it a try myself, if I can steel myself to fork out for the software!

  3. Hi Richard, thanks very much for your kind words! HDR takes a bit of getting used to though some of the images out there are simply spectacular. No alterations to the Cooper's Hawk other than sharpening and single image raw files on all but the City Hall which is a composite of 3 bracketed shots. Hopefully other examples of this will cover a wider tonal range. Thanks again!

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