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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Peregrine Falcons - Fledged

Another nesting season comes to a close for a pair of Peregrine Falcons and their 3 youngsters, 2 males and a female. The falcons nested in the Boston area for a second year with the female banded this year along with the youngsters. That's the adult male below, he'd been banded a few years prior.

One of the young males testing his wings.

The second young male doing the same with the younger female sitting to his left.

The adult female leaving after delivering a tidbit to the young female.

The youngest of the bunch, she was also the last to fledge by several days.

Lot's of flapping to develop those flight muscles.

With running across the ledge a comical sight to see.

The adult female checking in on the youngsters.

Loads more downy feathers seen on the young female as she spreads her wings.

The adult male with another food delivery.

The young female giving her brother a "what's up" look.

Ready to fledge. He left the day after this was taken.

Another look at the downy female.

The threesome with one of the males calling to the adults.

Hey look! I think I can fly....:)

and a last look at the other young male that also fledged the day after this was taken.

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  1. Phil - a tremendous set of images, allowing us insight into the wonderful moments in their young lives. What a bird.


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