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Friday, September 9, 2011

Dickcissel Continues - Sept. 08, 2011

The female Dickcissel continues at the feeders allowing for photos & a bit of video in the continuing rain.

A closer look at the rather large bill of this wayward seed eater.

A brief video of it on several different perches around the yard and at the feeder.

Time spent at the platform feeder is not without its hazards as you can see here with a Mourning Dove giving the Dickcissel a sharp bite as it successfully muscles in.

This is nothing out of the ordinary with birds continually jostling for their place at the feeder. The Dickcissel was soon back at the feeder after spending a bit of time watching from nearby.

Before joining back in....

and nearly getting lost in the sea of House Sparrows.

Another visitor, a hatch year Northern Cardinal was molting fairly heavily around its head. That's its ear hole just below its eye, something we rarely see.

With a closer look below. For those interested, an image showing a replica of a Cardinals skull created by Bone Clones can be seen at: http://www.boneclones.com/images/bc-167-lg.jpg