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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cassin's Kingbird

A Cassin's Kingbird, a bird I saw on several occasions on it's home turf in Arizona this past September, found it's way to the Cherry Hill Reservoir at some point over the past few weeks.

A couple of images from November 28, 2011. The Kingbird was foraging in the Xmas Tree Farm at the southern end of the Reservoir today.

and a new video clip with the Kingbird calling - a single call repeated 3 times.

This 25 second clip is the one call I recorded. The call is repeated as I copied the 5 second clip end to end 5 times. Turn up your speakers and try to listen through the tractor that was working nearby.

This is the best of today's attempt to capture this bird at quite a distance and 1000mm. "Click" on any image below for a larger 1440 x 900 version.

A 2 1/2 minute video clip with the Kingbird flying out and returning to it's preferred hunting perch in the second half.

It made several flights, coming back with a tidbit after each trip. Here it's just swallowed the bug seen in the image above.

Between flights a bit of time to check out the many birders that stopped by.

Another return to the preferred hunting perch.

Just prior to sallying out for another bug.

and back again.