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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sparrow Identification - Chipping / Clay-colored - Oct. '11

The recent, very informative sparrow identification discussion on MassBird , Chipping Sparrow vs Clay-colored Sparrow,  led me to put together a few images of the two to illustrate the differences in the eye-ring that David Sibley pointed out in his post to MassBird on Oct. 20, 2011

Prominent white eye arcs, broken by the dark line through the eye on the Chipping Sparrow on the left

and the "open faced" look on the Clay-colored Sparrow from the lack of the eye arcs and dark eye line on the right.

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I've always had a hard time with Chipping Sparrows that are a bit paler than the norm but this field mark should help with that! Thanks very much for pointing it out David!

Here's both birds as seen in the field. Chipping Sparrow, Salisbury Beach SR - Oct. 17, 2011

Clay-colored Sparrow - Wardens, Parker River NWR - May 14, 2011

As other have stated, MassBird with all of the folks that continually contribute is a fabulous resource that I and thousands of others greatly enjoy and appreciate on a daily basis.