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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Barrow's & Others - March 13 & 14, 2011

A few stops at various points around the north shore this weekend provided some great views of some of our soon to depart winter visitors and just arriving spring migrants. The female Barrow's Goldeneye, on the left below and just about to dive, was seen from the boat ramp on Ring Island in Salisbury on Monday looking down river at mid tide.

These distant images allow for a nice comparison of the different head shapes between the Barrow's Goldeneye on the left and the Common on the right.

The 3 Monk Parakeets, being seen at their nest along Bremen St. in East Boston, were in attendance this Sunday. A shot of just two which I would guess are a pair.

working backwards from East Boston (a stop in Lynn, hoping to catch up with the Mew Gull, was not successful) found me at Flax Pond with only the domestic Goose, the aggressive ones that pull on your pant leg in the colder months, posing for a profile shot.

Then Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary where this pair of Eastern Bluebirds was busy chasing House Sparrows from the nest box they had claimed.

The Jodrey Fish Pier in Gloucester had very few gulls hanging around on Sunday but the young Razorbill (which I had id'd as a Thick-billed Murre and both Wayne Peterson and Jeremiah Trimble kindly sent along their expert opinions on the correct id, Thanks Gents!) and Black Guillemot seen below more than made up for their absence.

As reported by others the small Great Blue Heron rookery along Bare Hill Road in Groveland is hosting a nesting Great Horned Owl this year. The youngsters will be visible and ready to leave the nest a few months from now, that is if this rather precariously perched nest stays put that long.

a bonus while watching the owl was this Red-shouldered Hawk that flew over at quite a height, I'm guessing it was a migrant as it soon was out of sight to the north.

and lastly a stop at Steve Grinley's Bird Watcher's Supply and Gift found the lingering Common Redpolls and the newly arriving Fox Sparrow at the feeders. The shot of the Redpoll through the branches doesn't do justice for this beautiful pink male.