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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Falcons, Hawks & Frigatebirds - March 30, 2011

I left the condo this morning hoping to see a Crested Caracara on my way to Venus where I hoped for a peek at the Florida Scrub Jays that call that area home. I stopped, as I always do, on the islands between Sanibel and Fort Myers to see what's either roosting or flying over and was pleasantly surprised to see 2 Magnificent Frigatebirds hanging in the steady breeze. I was quite pleased with the hand held shot below.

a Great Blue Heron seemed to be saying "Hey... look at me with my fancy hairdo"

Continuing on and scarcely out of Fort Myers along Rte 80 I came across an adult and after hatch year Crested Caracara dining on a road killed Armadillo. The Black Vultures were kept at a distance by the adult Caracara which charged the Vultures on a few occasions.

The young bird only stayed briefly but the adult wasn't going to budge until it had it's fill and from the looks of it's crop in these images I'd say it had been there a while.

The youngster just before takeoff with barely a bulge in it's crop.

and the adult with a pair of Mockingbirds attempting to drive it away.

and just prior lift off

A bit further down the road I came across a Short-tailed Hawk as it soared over Rte 80

and once in Venus the Scrub Jays performed as expected once the peanuts were scattered about. All in all a fabulous day!